Wood and glass totem: A DEEP DIVE

This side object is part of the series “Form before function”, a personal statement and approach on the creative process, with the process focused on the form and the final composition, while the function coming second and being sugested by the form. The totem is compounded by three side objects stacked together into the final shape and it is made out of acacia and ash wood. The bottom of the totem is a cylinder made out of acacia wood, offering support for a glass on top of it. A similar glass is found on the middle element, while on the top, the head of totem is formed by a more complex wood and glass composition. All the wood elements were made from raw planks of wood, while the glass was made by a local company that is specialized in working and securing glass and has clean joints glued under UV light. The complete object is a very sculptural shelving system, being a strong presence in the space where it lives. It can offer support for books, but it can also be a good display for small size sculpture or different objects that we each collect in order to improve and personalize our own spaces. It is available in a series of 5 pieces and it is currently at the 2nd one.