Steel simple / modular candle holder: A DEEP DIVE

“Steel searching for the light” is a series of candle holders made out of raw, solid steel. The shapes were worked on lathe, through mechanical processing, then walked through a chemical process in order to reach the black color. The color is not aplied on the material, but part of it’s own structure. The elements compounding the each candle holder are detachable and offer support for more that one candle, as well as for more that one type of candle. It can be used with a thin, as well as a thick candle, but also with a standard candle capsule that can be easily found everywhere. It is thought as an object that invites it’s user to engage with the act of lighting a candle and customize the composition between the object and the candle, all in relation with the space and the desire of the person. When not used in it’s original suggested shape, the candle holder is basically 2 different smaller ones.